Thursday, March 6, 2008

DOJ is Also Coming to NoMa!

It's turning out to be a great week for NoMa. According to Bisnow, DOJ is also coming to NoMa! The 521K lease will go to Constitution Square which is that big lot directly south of the ATF building. It is expected to be completed in 2010, with DOJ employees moving in early that year. As you may recall, Constitution Square is also being scoped out as the site for a Harris Teeter or some large grocery store.

UPDATED: The Washington Business Journal has also just reported the news. Although Bisnow reports the location at 100 M Street, NE, it appears as if the DOJ building will be specifically located at Two Constitution Square at 145 N Street, NE.


JohnW said...

Probably one of the best paying government agencies. That's great news and hopefully will cement in Harris Teeter!

IMGoph said...

this is all really bittersweet, because it means that new buildings will be built on the vacant land, but they're not urban buildings.

the DOJ will require a setback just like the ATF building, which means that there just isn't going to be the kind of life you get in a truly urban environment.

unless the need for uber-security can be toned back, i fear that the whole "noma" area is going to have a bunker-esque feel to it.

dcavocado said...

johnw: Funny you say that. DOJ and EEOC are two agencies I've seriously considered working for in the past and which I'd like to work for eventually. Good to know DOJ pays well!

imgoph: I don't know how accurate the renditions are on the NoMa website but Constitution Square is supposed to contain five buildings (three office and two residential) and have a 50K sq ft grocery store and 50K sq ft retail so I'm not sure how a setback will work. I'm sure the building will be designed with uber-security in mind but I don't think it'll go as overboard as the ATF. I hope not anyway!

JohnW said...

If they break ground in April I don't see how a major redesign could be in the works.

I imagine the retail for that one building will be removed but outside that I'd be surprised if there are much alterations to the approved design.

If they altered it significantly wouldn't it have to go through the approval process again?