Monday, March 17, 2008

Summer Events Coming to NoMa

According to Bisnow, NoMa will soon be announcing that they are hosting two big cultural and entertainment events this summer, including a film festival. The purpose of the events is acquaint people (beyond the real estate and investment community) with NoMa's rapid development.

I wonder where in NoMa these events will be held. Much of the area still consists of scattered buildings with undeveloped lots in between. Also, I wonder whether these are completely new DC events or events that have been previously hosted elsewhere in DC.

On a side note, someone asked me whether there are any rumors about what will occupy the last 4K SF retail space at the ATF bldg. I speculated that it would be a general merchandise store (like those you typically see in office buildings) but I was wrong. According to the same article, it will be a "well known food service operator" offering a casual dining facility.


John W DC said...

Artomatic maybe? A bloomingdale blogger had posted about the possibility a few weeks ago. The space was that new office building directly west of the planned Harris Teeter.

dcavocado said...

Oh yeah, I remember that post. That would be very cool. I love going to Artomatic!

Anonymous said...

An ATF employee source says that the restaurant will be a Five Guys burger franchise.

dcavocado said...

Seriously? I don't eat meat but I know a lot of people love that place!