Monday, March 24, 2008

Justice Department approves XM-Sirius merger

Area newspapers are reporting that the Justice Department just approved the XM-Sirius merger.

So what does that mean for our neighborhood? Will XM up and leave and consolidate offices in NY? Will they keep both NY and DC locations? This bizjournal article from a year ago has a good overview of the pros and and cons for XM/Sirius to stay in DC, move to NY, or keep facilities in both cities. Since that article came out, much has happened in NoMa (i.e., NPR, DOJ, Harris Teeter leases) which might be factors for XM/Sirius to consider in determining the location of its operations.
I guess if the merger was meant to make both XM and Sirius more competitive and viable, it makes complete sense to me that they would maintain locations in DC and NY. XM already owns their space in DC and real estate is still more affordable in DC than in NY. But of course I'm biased. I'm sure everyone in DC wants XM to stay put.


Chazu said...

DCA, Apologies for posting this question out of context, but I was hoping to ensure you saw it because it has to do with what you recently wrote waaay down in your blog about local grocery stores.

If you'll be driving past the new Safeway from the gym, does this mean that you belong to either Vida or WSC Gallery Place? I'm trying to decide between those places, and if you know anything about either one, I'd be glad to hear your input.

dcavocado said...

No problem, glad to be of help. Yes, I belong to VIDA but was a member of WSC for a long time and have been to the Gallery location many times. The short answer is it depends, both are good places depending on what you want and need. What exactly are you looking for in a gym (i.e., # of locations, quality of classes, variety of equipment, amenities) and what is your "gym personality"? (Do you take a lot of classes or you stick to machines? Are you a fitness buff or just getting back into it?). Definitely go ahead and email me directly ( and I can give you the 411 on both.

Anonymous said...

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