Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dancing at the 9:30 Club

My blog is turning into NoMa watch so I thought I'd better post something non-NoMa related. Last night, hubby and I went to the 9:30 club to watch the Donnas and the Hives. It's a rare event for me as I only go if it's a band I've grown to like after considerable play time in hubby's car.

It was an awesome concert. I wish I had pics to post up but I only had my crappy phone camera and I still can't figure out how to download that on to the computer. I like the Donnas better so I'll post their pic up.

One thing I did wonder was why no one was dancing to The Donnas. Everyone was of course bobbing their heads to the beat but only a handful, including me, were rocking our bodies to the beat. Hubby says it's because they weren't playing any songs that people knew. And granted, most people were there to see the Hives. But hey, I don't know any of their songs but I still couldn't help dancing to their infectious beats.

Then the Hives got on stage and it became too cramped to do any sort of dancing aside from jumping up and down. It was actually my first time to be so near the stage since I've always been a litle freaked out at being in the middle of any moshing. There was definitely lots of pushing and shoving but I really didn't mind it. The music was great, it was all in good fun, the crowd was really into it, and even polite. I am only five feet tall so I'm always behind someone taller than me. The couple next to us told me I could step in front of them if I wanted to. One other guy told me to stay behind him and I'll be sure to get all the way to the front. So I did. With one hand tightly holding hubby's hand who was behind me the entire time, I went along for the ride and really enjoyed it!

Still pumped up after the concert, we swung by the Saloon on U Street to wind down. Hubby (who has been going to concerts at the 9:30 club for about a dozen years) remarked who would have thought that you could now walk to a bar after seeing a concert at the 9:30 club. We decided to cab home afterwards where a Maryland cabbie tried to charge us $12 to go 10 blocks!

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