Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hello Eckington!

So hubby and I just moved into Eckington several weeks ago. We are first-time homeowners and so far, we are loving our new pad and still getting used to our new neighborhood. We have both lived in D.C. for a while in neighborhoods such as AU Park and Glover Park and most recently, Adams Morgan. I think there are certain things we miss from living in Adams Morgan but it's also somewhat surprising how little we do miss.

As someone who walks or bikes almost everywhere, whether night or day, rain or shine, snow or humidity or freezing or boiling temperatures, summer is definitely a good time to move into a new neighborhood. With the long days, walking or biking around Eckington has been quite pleasant and gives me the opportunity to appreciate the lovely rowhouses and see new faces as well as get used to the unsightly aspects of the neighborhood. Of course, it will take more than several weeks to familiarize myself with the neighborhood but so far, so good.

Before we moved, I tried to find blogs about the neighborhood to get a better picture of our new surroundings. The ones I did find were quite helpful and so assuming I'm diligent about posting, I hope this blog would also be somewhat interesting and informative to Eckington residents, potential residents or visitors. And as the blog description states, I also hope to share with everyone else why I love D.C. so much.