Monday, March 10, 2008

Up Next: Retail Announcements at NoMa

With NPR and the DOJ's huge decisions last week to lease in NoMa, the next big news for NoMa will be retail announcements which are expected during the spring.

These include which “high-end” grocery store will be setting up at Constitution Square, and who will lease the last 4,000 sq feet of retail available at the space ancillary to the ATF building. One NoMa Station is also expected to make an announcement some time in the summer regarding the possible signing of national retailers or local quick service food operators.

Some may also have noticed that the Marriott Courtyard, which is expected to open next year, is now several floors up. The hotel has 10,000 sq feet of retail and is actively targeting a sit down restaurant.


John said...

With retail on both on both sides of 2nd St NE above the metro stop it may turn out to be a nice little strip.

And once the gateway goes up even better!

dcavocado said...

We're crossing our fingers!

Anonymous said...

any rumors about the identity of the store?

dcavocado said...

Not that I'm aware of. I don't know if I read it somewhere or if I just thought it in my head but I'm thinking the last store in that adjacent ATF building would be some sort of general merchandise store, i.e., newspapers, snacks..., you know, the stores that are usually in office bldgs.