Monday, March 10, 2008

Opening of Pound Coffee Approaching

Pound Coffee's website states they are opening on April Fool's day but they will also have a "soft" opening on Friday, March 21st. According to an email from Khalil to the mailing list:

We are looking at a "soft" opening Friday March 21st and "live" opening about a week later on Tuesday, April 1st. "Soft" opening means we will just open doors without any major fanfare and see who strolls by. "Live" opening means fanfare will be involved. I dare say "hoopla" even. We will reserve the term "Grand Opening" for another time. At that time, we will use the term "hysteria" or "madcap fiasco."


John W DC said...

That's great news. The deli & pizza place are supposed to be open next month but I don't think they've started construction yet. I hope it won't be pushed back.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I'll every visit... at least not until the Harris Teeter opens. I don't have a reason to be in NOMA otherwise. I don't work there and I live in northern Eckington. I wish someone, anyone would open a coffee shop on 4th street NE in Eckington. With all of the condos and homes being renovated by yuppies we could use some good coffee up this way.

dcavocado said...

Yeah...I wish I could cover more stuff in northern Eckington but I just never have a reason to go up that part of the neighborhood unless I need something in the shops at Rhode Island.