Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The DC Council Really Wants us to Have a Grocery Store

The D.C. Council passed a bill yesterday that would provide $7 million in funding to build underground parking for the Constitution Square project at 100 M Street, NE, and help Stonebridge Development attract a 50,000 square-foot grocery store.

So perhaps Harris Teeter really is coming to NoMa?

That little tidbit of news was at the very end of the article about tax changes affecting small businesses. The Council passed a bill that would raise the exemption to the personal property tax from $50,000 to $225,000, which would exempt most small businesses.

Second, if the city collects greater than expected revenue from commercial property tax, a new formula lowering the tax rate for all commercial property tax payers would be applied to the first $3 million of a property’s assessed value. I probably need to read the bill but what exactly constitutes “greater than expected revenue”?


John W DC said...

I would really like to have a Harris Teeter there as the closest grocery store to me is not walkable by any means.

I am happy about Timor though. I only have peeped in the windows but plan to stop in this week.

Scenic Artisan said...

long low time ago i lived in north carolina and loved the harris teeter in my town. 24 hours and all.

but i went to one in arlington this fall and found it super expensive. and considering how amazingly diverse arlington is, it was kinda vanilla.

hopefully the one near us will be more reasonable.
( and international in offerings)

Zartan said...

I was impressed with the produce in the Harris Teeter they just built near Crystal City, but everything else seemed a little bit ordinary and overpriced.

CitySlurp said...

Well I'd be glad just to have noma coming along.