Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli and Sister's Pizza & Mussels Coming to NoMa

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli and Sister's Pizza & Mussels have signed leases for the retail spaces next to Pound Coffee.

Both franchise restaurants are scheduled to open in April (Pound Coffee is now scheduled to open in February). The Heidi's Brooklyn Deli will be the second one to open in D.C., after the 1710 H Street, NW location and the Sister's Pizza & Mussels are is the first one located in DC. Both were founded in Colorado by Steve Naples, a New Jersey native who enjoyed Brooklyn's deli and pizza fares, as well as mussels dishes served at a Sicilian pizzeria in his neighborhood.

I love mussels so I'm especially excited about Sister's Pizza & Mussels. Has anyone been to the Heidi's location on H Street or a Sister's Pizza & Mussels elsewhere? What did you think?


IMGoph said...

i'm just going to be interested to see the hours these businesses have. a lot of places downtown are open for breakfast and lunch, and then close at 4 when the suburbanites start going home and downtown goes dead.

with few businesses open around the ny ave/fl ave/galludet metro right now, i wonder how these places are going to be able to justify staying open for dinner or later. i hope they will, but i'm not counting on it (at least not until there is more activity in the neighborhood).

i'm worried that we haven't reached the density to support a lot of retail yet. i hope i'm proven wrong.

SEDute said...

The new Heidi's Deli and Sister's Pizza & Mussels located at Florida Ave and New York Ave, NE, Wash, DC boasts an excellent menu with an assortment of breakfast and lunch items to choose from. I recently found out about the deli went there for lunch. I purchased wings and a salad. The wings were very tender and delicious and the salad was fresh and tasty. I was extremely impressed and plan to go there often. Although they will accommodate you with the typical burger and fries, if you desire more variety to chose from, Heidi's and Sister's is where you want to go.