Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Need to Read The Onion More

I love my hubby's sense of humor.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve had some “memorable” street harassment incidents. In addition to being flashed, I’ve encountered some unwanted attention passing by the construction site at the New York Ave metro.

Although one incident was pretty creative. I hear “Hola Princesa!” through the walkie-talkie of a construction worker just about to walk by me. I realized it was coming from his co-worker half a block away who foolishly grins at me when I notice him with his walkie-talkie still in front of his mouth.

Anyways, today hubby sent me this 2001 Onion article he found, “Report: Economically Disadvantaged Men More Skilled at Communicating Attraction to Women.” Just hysterical...


manly mcmanchester said...

Funny; but reading your post and the Onion piece inevitably led me to wonder about the brain functions of men who make remarks to women in such a fashion.

If the prefrontal lobes of the human brain play a role in impulse control, what does this say about the physiology of these guys? Is there something fundamentally, biologically different with their brains?

(I'm a man, I'll steal glances and try not to stare, but I've never made a lewd comment)

dcavocado said...

Interesting...I personally don't think there is any thing different with their brains. Besides, there are no impulses that can't be influenced or affected by upbringing, cultural surroundings, peer pressure, etc. I think that's what it is.

Trowley said...

Well, I'm not trying delve into politically incorrect territory, but mental problems are the root of society's ills. Witness recent news from SE DC where a woman murdered her four children because they were "possessed by demons", in her words.

Impulse control is a big problem for a fraction of the population.

dcavocado said...

Good point Trowley. I would count flashers as falling under problems of impulse control. That's why they freak me out more than the average catcaller.