Monday, January 14, 2008

Office Workers Gotta Eat

Pound Coffee is going to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner? Hhmm...I wonder what kind of dinner? I can’t think of a coffee shop off the top of my head that serves something I would consider dinner fare.

Meanwhile, the other spaces in that retail area are also being leased now and should include at least two lunch options.


JohnW said...

I admit I peek in the windows when I metro to work. Any idea what the other spaces will be?

dcavocado said...

I do peek all the time too and have noticed that the spaces have been cleaned up. I have no idea what else they'll put there though. I think the neighborhood needs a bank and perhaps one of those mini-marts/newstands where you can get pretty much everything.

If Pound Coffee is going to serve dinner, I wonder if it's going to be a sit-down restaurant too or just pick-up. Will they serve alcohol?