Friday, January 4, 2008

Flashed Again

In an earlier post about street harassment, I mentioned that I was flashed in Adams Morgan. In broad daylight, while walking down the alley next to the Safeway, I noticed a green SUV pulled over, with its driver pissing against the wall. He sees me, says an audible "Oh shit!" and zips up. I pretend I didn't see anything and walk hurridly along. I hear the SUV coming and it then pulls up right next to me. I assume he just stopped because he was looking out for oncoming traffic. I hear him say, "I'm sorry if you saw any of that." I turn my head to look at him and to tell him not to worry about it. Lo and behold, he is holding himself and and asks me if I liked what I saw. I ran.

Today, I'm on R and North Capitol Street waiting for the walk sign. A green van slowly turns the corner in front of me and the driver waves at me as he drives away. I just missed the green walk sign to cross Lincoln Street and thought shit when I noticed the same green van pulling up on R Street. He turns the corner and stops right in front of me. He was just in his sweater holding himself!

I'm absolutely mortified and my first instinct is to run but I realized I could not run. Just today, I was allowed to take off my walking boot which I've worn for the past three weeks because of a foot injury. So running was not an option as I'm still getting used to walking again. Thankfully, he drives away as I'm frantically looking around trying to figure out what to do.

As with the first incident, my first reaction was shock and disbelief so by the time I could think straight, it was too late to get his license plate number to report the incident. I'm still in shock as to how this can happen a second time. I don't know anyone who's been flashed, must less flashed twice! It's frustrating too, I don't know how I can prevent this from happening again.


Scenic Artisan said...

damn that sucks. sorry that happened.

dcavocado said...

Thanks...when he passed me the first time, I noticed the plates were from Maryland so hopefully this area is not his regular haunts and he doesn't live around here.

CD said...

This is ridiculous. What time of the day was this?

I walk past that intersection every day on the way to the P6 bus stop.

dcavocado said...

About 4:30 p.m. Yeah, I walk through this intersection all the time too and this is the first (and hopefully last) incident I've had.