Friday, November 16, 2007

Justice Department and NPR Considering NoMa

We knew back in September that the Justice Department was looking to consolidate its criminal division under one roof. That means finding a single building that can offer at least 521,000 square feet of office space for about 1,200 employees.

The NoMa sites being considered are 1100 1st Street, NE, 90 K Street, NE, and Constitution Square at 100 M Street, NE. Other sites being considered are Southwest (300 block of E Street and 400 7th Street, SW), 425 I Street NW, a site at the corner of H Street and New Jersey Avenue, NW, and Mount Vernon Place.

Apparently, the GSA was supposed to announce in late October who would be awarded the consolidation lease but so far, no news.

Also, posted on the Eckington listserv was a Washington Business Journal article from today saying that NPR is relocating and is considering NoMa. It is looking for 400,000 square feet to consolidate its operations and accomodate a high-tech digital studio. NoMa sites being considered include the Washington Gateway project at New York and Florida Avenues, NE, 1100 1st Street, NE, and Constitution Square at 100 M St. NE. NPR is also considering sites near the Nationals' new stadium and downtown Silver Spring.

Note that both are interested in 1100 1st Street, NE, and Constitution Square. I believe only the Constitution Square project has the planned office space to accomodate both so the Justice Department's selection would probably influence NPR's choices as well.

I'm being very optimistic here but I am already thinking that the trio of government agencies, ATF, EEOC, and DOJ, and the two radio stations, NPR and XM, would be very cool for the neighborhood.

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CitySlurp said...

i agree with you, I think it would be great to have them all here in noma.